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Welcome to the new ExamDeveloper Help System.

This help system provides powerful new features not available in earlier versions of the ExamDeveloper Help System, including:

  • View recent changes: The home page of the help system shows the pages which were updated most recently. This will help you keep track of new features that are added to ExamDeveloper.
  • Download documentation: Users can download individual pages, sections, or the entire help system in HTML, PDF, and other formats.
  • Make comments: Users can comment on all pages of the help system using the "Comment" text box at the bottom of every page. This is useful to suggest updates to content to make it informative or useful.
  • Make edits: Select users will be able to actually make edits to the help documentation and upload images, and all other users will instantly see the updated information.


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  1. [Sarahd, Google]

    It took me a second to figure out how to get to the actual content, which is in the left-hand margin. I like the format, but perhaps a sentence calling out that you can "navigate throughout the help system by using the collapsable tree [or whatever the official name for that thing is] to the left." 

    1. user-c22ed

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is now added.