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2-Factor Authentication is a way of making the login procedure more secure by adding an extra layer of security via the online authentication service of Authy.
2-Factor Authentication has a higher priority than Project Authorization type of second level authentication, therefore when both are enabled for a user, the user only gets to make use of 2-Factor Authentication. 


In order to uses this feature, please ensure that the 2-Factor Authentication check box is selected for the application in the License Server configuration. If this is not selected, you are not able to use the 2-Factor Authentication feature in the application. If it is not available, then you must contact Pearson VUE Tech Support.


One Authy License API Key can be used for multiple Item Banks.


The 2-Factor Authentication must be enabled for the user who intends to use it. This can be done in two different ways once the administrator clicks the Users hyperlink near the top left.

The first method involves selecting the organization, Item Bank, and then selecting the check box under 2-Factor Authentication for the user.

In the second method, the administrator must click the Modify tab, select the user from the drop-down list, and select the check box next to 2-Factor Authentication, and click the Submit button.

You must enter your credentials on the log in screen as usual.

The next screen displays your registered email address and prompts you to enter a telephone code for country and mobile phone number.


You must enter your telephone code for country and mobile phone number twice for confirmation to register the user with Authy for the 2-Factor Authentication. Click the Register button to login.

When you enter your credentials the following page is displayed. Click the request a token link. You receive a Token code via SMS to the mobile phone registered with your user name.

This Token code remains valid for 30 seconds. If you do not receive any Token code within 30 seconds, you must click the request a token link again to request a new Token code.

Enter the Token code and click Authenticate. The Home page opens.

Authy is also available as an app for Android as well as for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. This comes with additional features such as an option to send the code to the user's computer via Bluetooth, provided the user's computer supports Bluetooth wireless transfer protocol.


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