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If you forget or lose your assigned password, this page contains instructions on how to reset it.

To Reset Your Password

  1. Click Forgot Password? on the Log In page.
  2. You are redirected to the Forgot Password page.
  3. Enter your Username in the field provided. This is the same username you used to register with ExamDeveloper.
  4. Click Submit. A message states Instructions have been mailed to your email account. Click below to go to the login page.
  5. Check your registered email account. Open the email regarding the password reset from ExamDeveloper. Click the Password Setup link.
  6. When the Reset Password window opens:

    1. Enter your Username.
    2. Enter your new Password.


      Go to Change Your Password for more information on password construction.

    3. Re-enter your new password in the Confirm Password field.
  7. Click Submit to reset your password.
  8. Click the Go to Login button to access the Login page and log on to the application using your new password.


An email is immediately sent notifying you that the password has been successfully reset. A sample of the email is shown below.



An error message in red text is displayed if the password does not meet the application's criteria. The password length must be between 8 and 250 characters, and must contain at least one digit and one alphabetic character.


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