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To verify that the application was successfully installed, it is important to test out at least a few basic functions of ExamDeveloper such as writing a sample Question, searching for that Question, adding it to a sample Exam Form, etc. You can follow the below mentioned steps.

The ExamDeveloper application supports two types of logins: Admin and a regular user.

  1. Using the ExamDeveloper Admin Console
  2. How to write a Question - A sample use case

Using the ExamDeveloper Admin Console

Once ExamDeveloper application setup is completed, you must first log into the Admin console to set up the application to use for users.

  1. Open the ExamDeveloper application URL in your web browser.

     If you happen to see any popups regarding blocked website content or JavaScript, then you need to handle it first in the following way...

    For Internet Explorer

    1. Open the Internet browser and enter http://<servername>/ExamDeveloper.
    2. If on opening the website, the browser displays the pop-up window as can be seen below, then you need to do the following.
    3. Click Add. It opens the Trusted sites window. Here, click Add and then Close.
    4. If the content of any relevant website is blocked, as shown in the screenshot in step 2, then follow the instruction in step 3.
    5. If the content being blocked is JavaScript, as shown below, then de-select the check box next to Continue to prompt when website content is blocked and click Close.
  2. Login to ExamDeveloper, using Username EDISupport and the provided Password. You can also create your own admin users as detailed in Add a User.
  3. On logging in, the OrgView.aspx page is displayed. Click Add in the left-side menu. Enter details as in below example and click Submit:
  4. Click on the Users link in the top menu. Click Add in the left menu. Enter user details, select the name of the Organization created in step 3 from the Organization drop-down, and click Submit.


    If the Organization drop-down fails to populate on the View Users page and if the hosting server has IIS 7 or 7.5, please install the Windows update KB980368 from

  5. Click on Item Bank link in the top menu. Click Add in the left menu. Select the name of the Organization created in step 3 from the Organization drop-down, select Standard ItemBank from the Type drop-down, select the username created in the previous step from the Item Bank Admin list to assign administrator rights, enter the name of the Item Bank in Name, and click Submit.

You can now proceed to login as the regular user and access the application's UI.

How to write a Question - A sample use case

To get you started with using the application, you can refer to the below sample use case on writing an item.
  1. Logout and login with the username created in step 3 in ExamDeveloper Admin Console.
  2. On logging in, the Project Authorization page is displayed and you are prompted to enter responses to any five of the listed Project authorization questions. This is a one-time exercise. Enter any five responses and click Submit.
  3. Click I Agree on the USER LICENSE AGREEMENT page to proceed.
  4. The default project is listed in the Dashboard section as a link with the same name as the Item Bank created in step 4 of the ExamDeveloper Admin Console.


    If the dashboard fails to load and if the hosting server has IIS 7 or 7.5, please install the Windows update KB980368 from

  5. In the top menu, click the Manage link. In the top sub-menu, click on Users link. Create a new user. Enter the user details and in the Assign Projects list box, select your Item Bank name and click Submit.
  6. In the top sub-menu, click on Settings link. In the left side menu, click on Configuration link.  In the body of the page, select Questions tab. Under Write Configuration heading, de-select the Yes check box, in front of Questions must have references. Under the Validate Configuration heading, select 1 in the drop-down Number of people needed to validate a question and click Update button at the bottom of the page.
  7. In the left-side menu, click on Review Workflow link. Select from the Number of reviewers needed to advance a question drop-down. Select from the Number of reviewers needed to return a question drop-down. Click Update.
  8. In the left side menu, click Project Summary link. In the Project Status drop-down, select Active from the drop-down, and click Change Status.
  9. In the top sub-menu, click Users. In the left-side menu, select Create Roles link. Create a role and in the Permissions list, select Create Questions and  Save icon.
  10. In the left-side menu, select Assign Roles link. In the Assign Roles list box, ensure that the new role is also selected along with Project Manager, against the first user created in step 3 in ExamDeveloper Admin Console and click Save.
  11. In the top menu, click on Develop Questions link. In the top sub-menu, click Write Item link. In the body of the page, click on the Write Question link.
  12. Enter the Question Stem, Answer Options, select one correct Answer Option, and click Submit.
  13. Click Submit again in the Confirm Submit popup to save the Question.



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