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The following chart provides an overview about how the application and microservices impact each other.


Application / MicroserviceWill Not Start WithoutDependent OnWhat it Does / What is Impacted When Down
ExamDeveloper applicationMSSQL, RabbitMQEDRS, EDQSS, ExamService, ItemBank, UserUser front end for the ExamDeveloper application. Can't live without it.
EDRSMSSQL, RabbitMQ, MS SSRSProject, User, ItemBank, Assignment, StatisticsReports Service. Can't extract data, reports are not generated.
EDQSSRabbitMQEDSS, Hangfire, ElasticsearchDetect items that are potential enemies. Similarity feature won't work.
EDSSMSSQL, RabbitMQElasticsearchSearchService builds the index and services requests.
ExamServiceMSSQL, RabbitMQProject, AssetProvides information about exam forms and exam sections. Can't view exam forms or exam sections.
ItemBankMSSQL Provides information about Item Banks. Can't get information about any Item Bank configuration.
UserMSSQL, RabbitMQ Provides information about Users. Can't display users on Manage → Users page.
ProjectMSSQL, RabbitMQ Lookup status of project and blueprint.
AssignmentMSSQL, RabbitMQProject, Question

Builds the relationship between item and assignments based on the given criteria.

Deletes the assignment when user is retired.

Provides information about the assignments based on the activity (Write, Review, Validate).

QuestionMSSQL, RabbitMQProject, ExamDeveloper, ExamServiceBuilds the item with all the dependent objects such as blueprint, exam section, exam form, and G-Type Case for given item number.
NotificationMSSQLAssignment, Project, ItemBank, UserSends Email notification about the assignments on due date and project closure date at 4 AM CST everyday, or based on the UI setting.
StatisticsMSSQL Users cannot run reports on items with statistics.
AssetMSSQL Maintains asset enemy relationships.



ComponentWill Not Start WithoutDependent OnWhat it Does / What is Impacted When Down
HangfireMSSQLEDQSSSimilarity Scheduler.
ElasticSearchJava Elasticsearch index.
RabbitMQErlang Messaging between services, reports are not generated.



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