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An "Administrator" of ExamDeveloper is a Systems Administrator who can set up Organizations, Item Banks, and a few other tasks that regular user cannot perform. Administrators are set up by creating the username and password directly in the database. For clients hosted on the Pearson servers, Pearson staff are designated as the Administrators. For Remote Deployment Clients, Administrators can be set up by adding a username and password in the "Admin Users" table in the database.

Don't edit the built-in account


For Remote Deployment Clients, you will notice that there is a built-in Administrator User account in the database. If you wish to have Pearson support the software, please don't change the username or password for this user as that could be the only way we can access the software.

Roles of Administrator:

An Administrator can:

  1. View, Add, and Modify organization for the specific project.
  2. Add users to specific organization and can also modify all changes.
  3. Create and modify blueprint for the selected project.
  4. Manage updates on the user portal page.
  5. Access projects as a different user.
  6. View and add new Item Bank to specific organization.

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