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There may be any number of metadata created for a project. Within ExamDeveloper, there are 7 types: multiple entry text, multi-select list, single-line text, block text, drop-down list, and check box as configured by the Project Manager. All of the metadata are displayed in one tab and in their respective fields with the metadata contents.

  • Metadata allows you to group items by subject area. You can select multiple categories.
  • The Project Manager creates Metadata lists and assigns the types to the metadata. Metadata allows you to add new contents if your project allows it, and it can be made mandatory or made available only to the Project Manager.
  • Metadata can be categorized in items and assets, individually or as a group.

You can add a new item for the various types of metadata from the Write Question page:

Metadata Type

Add New Contents

Multiple entry text

Enter the content in the Add new field and click Add. This allows for one or more single-line text entries to be added for a given item or asset. This is the default type of metadata if no other type is selected.

Single-line text

Enter the content in the field provided. For this type, you can add only one line of content to the item or asset.

Block text

Enter the content in the block field provided. This type allows for one entire block of text or HTML to be entered. This type also supports assets and hyperlinks being attached within the metadata field. This metadata type uses a Rich Text editor interface and thus is the only metadata type that allows attaching assets and hyperlinks.

Multi-select list

Enter the content in the Add new field and click Add. This creates a fixed list of items from which the user can choose one or more values to assign to the item or asset.

Drop-down list

Enter the content in the Add new field and click Add. This creates a drop-down list of items. The user can choose only one value to assign to the item or asset.

Check box

Selection check boxes. This produces one or more values with check boxes next to them. The user can select (or deselect) each value.

Read more about how to Create Item Enemies.
  • The contents for Single-line text, Block text and Dropdown metadata added to the Assets is replaced either upon modifying or importing the metadata contents for the assets.
  • The length of the contents added to the metadata types by the user; from write, modify and from metadata pages, depends upon the size limit value set for the metadata types by the Project Manager.
  • The metadata available only for Assets is not displayed in Item editor pages, and similarly, the metadata available only for items is not displayed in Asset editor pages.
  • The metadata available only to the Project Manager, is visible in the Item/Asset editor pages (depending upon the settings made by the Project Manager for “Display On”, only for Project Managers.)
  • The items without the content for metadata, which is mandatory, cannot move beyond the Review state. Similarly, the exams with items associated with asset states, without the content for mandatory metadata, cannot be published.
  • The Warning icon shows that the selected metadata may be viewed for the selected project but Single line text, Block text and Check box metadata does not have any affect if it is set as viewable.

If you Upload Assets to Block Text metadata, a message notifies you that the uploaded files have been attached.

If you Uploaded Assets that require mandatory Metadata, a message notifies you the uploaded files have been attached but the files do not have all the required metadata. You must Modify the Asset to add the mandatory metadata. See Modify an Asset for details.


Comments and Metadata tabs are helpful for adding and storing information brought over from files outside of ExamDeveloper. Using these tabs, the information can be inserted below the items.


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