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The Question Type drop-down list on the Write Question page allows you to add the desired type of item for the current project, which you can later include in exam forms. If the drop-down list is not visible, this is because the allowed item types selected in the Questions tab of the project's configuration as mentioned at the bottom of this page are selected for the project. The default item type MCQ, One Correct Option are visible in this case, which generally consists of the Item Stem, two or more distractors (Answer Options), and one correct answer.

The possible Question types are:

Question Type


MCQ, One Correct OptionMultiple answer choices with one correct answer.

MCQ, Multiple Correct Options

Multiple answer choices with more than one correct answer(s).

Pull-down List

The correct answer must be selected from a drop-down list.

Shared Option List (R-Type)

A group of Pull-down list type items (having a common, shared, set of Answer Options) about the paragraph provided as the R-Type Lead-In.

Case (G-type)

A group of items of different types, about a paragraph provided as the case text. Existing items from the project may be added by the user or new items can be written within the case as required.

Constructed Response / OralItems without any Answer Option, the response is either gathered orally or via a test delivery system.


Matching type items allow for pairing items (textual content) defined in a vertical two-column layout, to provide a one-to-one match between Tokens (the objects the candidate will drag) and Targets (the location where the Tokens are to be placed).

Point And ClickThe item is in the form of an image with hidden hotspot areas. The candidate must identify the correct areas by clicking on the correct locations on the image.
Display TypeThe Display Type item provides information to the candidate and therefore the candidate does not respond to the item type.
Fill In The BlankFill in the Blank (FIB) type of item has one or more blanks in the Stem, which the candidate must fill with the correct value.
Enhanced MatchingEnhanced Matching type items allow the pairing of items (textual content) defined in a graphical interface consisting of Token boxes and Target boxes. Unlike Matching type items, this item type is not constrained to use one-to-one match between Tokens and Targets.
SpreadsheetSpreadsheet type items are displayed to the candidate in a spreadsheet format and can make use of spreadsheets uploaded as assets.
ExternalExternal type items accept Question data in the form of QTI XML data.
CompoundCompound type items allow authors to include multiple response types on one item.

Why am I not able to write a particular Question type?


The Project Manager decides which item types are allowed in the project. By default, only MCQ, One Correct Option type item is allowed. In the latter case, the Question Type drop-down list is not visible. For details, refer to the Questions tab.



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