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The Templates button allows a user to save attributes for Tokens, Targets, Labels, and Scoring Data into templates and use them later or use existing templates on the current Enhanced Matching item.

Click the Templates button and a Manage Templates window opens, which lists existing Enhanced Matching Item Templates from the current Item Bank and the DT Item Bank. This window also allows you to create a template from an existing item or an item being created, or apply an existing template to an item.



What are Default Templates for Enhanced Matching type Questions?


Default Templates are created when a DT Item Bank is created. They are DND_5_basicScoring, DND_5_lessDrops, and DND_2Groups. They contain only shape attributes and no scoring information.

DND_58_basicScoring template:

As the name suggests, this Default Template contains basic shapes to get you started with the Enhanced Matching type item. It consists of five Tokens and five Targets, with Tokens and Targets having distinct color codes. You can make modifications to shape it into their own items as necessary.

DND_5_lessDrops templates:

This Default Template is similar to DND_58_basicScoring, but with only three Targets.

DND_2Groups templates:

This Default Template has five Tokens, and two groups of two Tokens, each enclosed in their own Label shape.


By default, 10 templates are listed per page, but this value can be increased to 25, 50 or 100 via the Page Size drop-down list near the bottom. When the number of templates exceeds the set value, additional pages are created, where the additional templates are listed. The Previous Page and Next Page buttons take you to the previous and next page respectively. The First Page and Last Page buttons take you to the first and last page respectively.

You can also specify a page number in the Page Number box either via manual entry or by the small up and down arrow controls on its right, to go directly to a given page. This control also works via the Up and Down arrow buttons on the keyboard when the cursor is placed in the page number box.

The Manage Templates window has two sections: Save Template and Load Template.

Save a Template

Under the Save Template section, type a name for the Enhanced Matching Item Template in the text box and click Save Template. The saved template appears in the grid list below. If the template name exists in the application, a validation message is displayed.

Load a Template

Under Load Template, the user is able to view a grid list displaying all the existing Enhanced Matching Item Templates within the current Item Bank and Shared Templates from DT Item Bank (if a DT Item Bank exists), which appear grayed out. These Shared Templates include the three system-generated Default Templates (DND_5_basicScoring, DND_5_lessDrops, and DND_2Groups) and user-created templates from the DT Item Bank, which cannot be renamed or deleted.

The Search text box makes it possible to filter the listed templates by template name.

Enhanced Matching Item Templates, other than Shared Templates, can be renamed by double-clicking the template name, which opens a text box, where you can edit the template name.

You are prompted to confirm the rename via a pop-up window.

  • OK button: Confirm the rename, close the pop-up, and return to the Manage Template window.
  • Cancel button: Cancel the rename, close the pop-up, and return to the Manage Template window.


You cannot edit Shared Templates name.

You can delete a template by selecting one or more templates via corresponding check boxes on the left, and clicking Delete.

A pop-up window appears to confirm the deletion.

  • OK button: Delete the selected template(s), close the pop-up, and return to the Manage Template window.
  • Cancel button: Cancel the deletion, close the pop-up, and return to the Manage Template window.


You cannot delete Shared Templates.



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