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The purpose of the Display-Type items is to provide information to the candidate. Candidates do not respond to Display-Type items. Scoring is not applicable for this type of item. 


Display-Type items are mostly used as exhibits.

  • For standard exams, Display-Type items are used as Case Exhibits, Popup Exhibits, and Split Screen Exhibits
  • In the DT Bank, Display-Type items are used as Score Reports, Section introductions, Tutorial screens, etc.

  1. Select the Develop Questions → Write Item menu.
  2. Click the Write Question link. 
  3. On the Write Question page, select Display-Type from the Question Type drop-down list.

 Create a Display-Type Item

  1. Add rich text information in the Question Stem field using the Rich Text editor. The Question Stem should include all of the information required for a candidate to answer the item. It can have assets and tables and it can also be formatted, for example, font style and other table features.
  2. You have several options to Save the item.

    1. Click the Add Question to Case button save the item and create a new case. The item is automatically attached to the case. Only users with permission to create cases will see this button.
    2. Click the Save button. The item is saved and the item is checked-out preventing other users from making edits to the item. You remain on the Write Question page where further edits can be made to the item.
    3. Click the Preview button. Changes to the item are saved, the item is checked-out, and the item is opened in the Preview window. Only users with permission to preview items will see this button.
    4. To save an incomplete item, click Save and Exit. The item is saved in a Draft state and checked-in so any user with access to the item may make edits to the item. It is visible in the Draft/Returned Questions tab of the Project Writing Summary page.
    5. To submit the item for review, click Submit. The item is saved and checked-n so any users with access to the item may make edits to the item. The item is advanced to the next reviewer in the list or to the next stage in the workflow.


A user can click the Submit on Behalf of drop-down control and select one of the user names in the list to submit an item on behalf of the selected user. The user list contains names of users enabled in the current project, except for the user currently logged in and viewing the list. The list is displayed in ascending order by last name, first name, and user name. Once you click the Submit button, the item is saved to the Draft mode and does not show for the current user.


Submit on Behalf of drop-down list is not available at the time of Modify Question.

Please visit the Language-related features in Items page to learn about the Language Code drop-down list.

A Display-Type item is not evaluated for scoring, as the candidate cannot respond to a Display-Type item. A message is displayed in red text on the Take Exam page of Set Standard.



Click the Check Spelling link to check spellings for text in Stem and Options. The spellings are checked first against the built-in or installed dictionary and then against the words specified for exclusion on the Dictionary tab of your project's settings.

Users must have Write Question permission to perform this operation.

Exam Advisor supports only the following criteria for Display-Type items.


Keep in mind that for users to write this type of item, it must be enabled on the Questions tab of the project's Configuration page. From Manage → Settings → Configuration → Questions → Allow Question types, select Display-Type from the list and click Update. If you do not see this type of item in the list, please contact your Project Manager to change the project settings.


Users should not create Display-Type items that contain presentation XML Assets. The QTI will not compile.

Rather than creating a Display-Type item and attaching a presentation XML asset, users should create an External item and place the presentation XML in the QTI Item Snippet. See the External Items topic for details.



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