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After you add an equation to an item, it is converted to an image. You have the ability to add or change the Alt Text for screen readers and to change the Width and Height of an equation after you have added it to an item. You must edit the image properties to make these modifications.

  1. Select the Question Stem or the desired Answer Option.
  2. Select the Insert → Equation Editor menu.
  3. Create your formula in the Equation Editor using the function buttons.
  4. Click OK to insert the equation in the item.
  5.  Click on the Equation to select it. Handles appear on the corners of the equation.
  6. Click on any of the handles of the Equation so the Image Options pop-up appears.
  7. Click the Image Options menu button. The Insert/edit image pop-up opens.
  8. Use the Image description field to supply alt text for screen readers.


    The alt text comes out in the exported QTI in the alt attribute of the ItemPool.xml file.

  9. The Dimensions field identifies the size of the equation in pixels. The field on the left is the Width, and the field on the right is the Height.


    If you do not see the starting dimensions for the equation, click in either one of the fields and click OK. Then click the Image Options button menu to open the Insert/edit image pop-up again. The Width and Height fields are now populated and you can adjust the size of the image as needed.

  10. When the Constrain proportions option is selected, if you change either the Width or the Height, the other field automatically adjusts proportionally to match how you changed the first dimension.
  11. Click OK once you are finished editing the image.
  12. Save or Submit the item once you are finished editing the item.


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