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Advance an Item

  • If the item you are reviewing meets the reviewing requirements, click Advance. If only one Advance Outcome is configured it is passed to the next review state in the workflow when it is advanced by the required number of Reviewers. This number is set by the Project Manager.
    A message notifies you that the number of items that require review in your assignment has changed and this page has automatically updated to reflect the changes.
  • If the item has not been classified appropriately and the project configuration requires items to be classified, you must classify the item before proceeding.
  • Please select the correct blueprint area for the item from the drop-down list provided to classify the item, and click Save.
  • If the workflow is set so the reviewer can decide whether to retain the statistics for the item, the final reviewer must select either Retain or Do not retain.
  • If multiple Advance Outcomes are configured for multiple reviewers, the final reviewer must select where to advance the item to.


    For instance, if you have three review states (Review One, Review Two, and Review Three) and you are requiring three users to review the item, when the final reviewer chooses to advance the item, the Advance Question pop-up window opens. The final reviewer must select who to pass the item to from the Outcome drop-down list.


    Users can now configure any advance state to require users to add a Comment. When multiple advance outcomes are configured, the final reviewer for the state selects the Advance Outcome from the drop-down list. If the advance state requires a comment, the Comment text box appears. Users must enter a comment and click Submit. If no comment is provided, a error message notifies the user that a comment is required.

    Select Outcome State

    Outcome State with no required comment

    Outcome State with required comment

    See Review Workflow for details on how to configure an Advance state to include a comment.

Change Advance to Return an Item

When you advance an item, you have the option to change your mind and return the item as long as the item is still in the current review state and you currently have more than just the one item in the review queue. For instance, the review workflow is configured so that two users are required to advance an item. The first reviewer has the option to change the review state from Advance to Return. The Final reviewer would not have the option to change the review state.


This action is only possible if multiple items are in the review queue for the reviewer.


  1. Open an item for review and click the Advance button.
  2. Click the Previous navigation button to move back to the item.
    A message in red states You have reviewed this question recently. The User Tracking tab lists the review state as Advance.
  3. Click the Return button.
  4. Enter a Return Comment and click Submit.
  5. Click the Previous navigation button to move back to the item.
    The User Tracking tab now lists the review state as Return.



Prior to the 1809 version, the Advance button was named Accept. The concept is the same. When a user selects the Advance button, they are giving their approval for the item and moving it the next Reviewer in the list.



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