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If you have items with validation data, remember changing the state back to Review in order to have the items reviewed again, the validation data is removed in the state-changing process. This is because the data no longer applies to the “new and improved” version of the item. When the item arrives back in the Validation state (following the required number of approvals), the SMEs must validate the new version of the item.


The number of Advances and Returns for any review varies from 0 to 15. For more information, see Configure Review of Asset. The Batch Edit Assets function can also be used to change the state of the items at any time.


What does the "Number Questions" column mean, under Manage Users Individual User? For example, "2/3" appears in the "Number Questions" column for a particular user.

The 2 in the 2/3 indicates how many items the given user is allowed to review. The 3 indicates how many other reviewers have also been given the same assignment.

If there were 20 items in the assignment, the value would read 20/3, or 20 Questions among 3 Reviewers.



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