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As a Translate Questions user, you may be working on several projects having been assigned to translate a certain number of items for each project. You can see your work assignments for each project in the Project Translate Summary page.


The Translate Questions permission must be created for your project. Users must be assigned the Translate Questions permission, and they must be manually given a Translate Assignment.


Access the Project Translate Summary page

  1. Select the Develop Questions → Translate menu.
  2. The Project Translate Summary page displays a count of the items that must be translated into a specific language.

    The Translate Questions tab includes the following features:

    TranslateThe Edit  button indicates you are authorized to translate items. Click this icon to open the Translate Questions page where you can translate the assigned items.
    CriteriaThe name of the saved search: the search criteria used to selected the items. For example: Japanese translation: assigned FIB items
    RemainingCount of items pending translation in the assignment.
    LanguageThe target language into which the item must be translated.
    Due DateThe due date of the assignment in MMM DD, YYYY format. If due date is not not set for the assignment, Not Set is displayed.

    The Draft/Returned Questions tab displays the number of items in the Draft and Returned states.

    The Draft/Returned tab includes the following features:

    DeleteClick the Delete button to delete the Draft item. Returned items cannot be deleted and the Returned questions cannot be deleted icon is displayed in place of the Delete button. When a Returned item is opened for editing and saved as a Draft, it is placed in the Draft state. Such Returned items in a Draft state also cannot be deleted and the Returned questions cannot be deleted icon is displayed.
    TranslateClick the Edit button to modify the Draft/Returned item. This opens the Translate page where you can translate the assigned items.
    QuestionThe Question Stem of the Draft/Returned item is displayed here. The first few words of the item stem followed by ellipses ... are displayed as a hyperlink. Click the link to open the Question Summary page. For Returned items, comments from the reviewer are also listed below the item stem. Comments list the Type of comment: State, the reviewers comments, and the review name and comment date and time.
    Last ModifiedThe date in which the item was last modified.
    StateCurrent state of the item (Draft or Returned).
    LanguageThe language of the item.

    The Submitted Questions tab of the Project Translate Summary page shows all the items translated by the user, currently in the Review/Validate/Completed State(s) in the project.


    The Submitted Question(s) tab is visible only if the Show submitted question to translator setting is selected on the Questions tab of the project's configuration settings. When the setting is not selected, clicking on any of the numbered hyperlinks under the Submitted column takes you to the Draft/Returned Questions tab of the Project Writing Summary page as the Submitted Question(s) tab are hidden. This tab is always available to a Project Manager regardless of the state of the setting.

Translate Items for a project

  1. Click the Edit  button to open the Translate Questions page. The page opens to the first item in the translate assignment. The original item is displayed on the left and is not editable. The right side has placeholders of the same item type where you can simply enter the translated text.


    When more than one item is in the Translation assignment, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate to the previous or next item from the selection, or jump directly to any of the selected items via the Jump to drop-down list, which lists the Question IDs of all the selected items.

  2. The Language has been preselected for the item as part of the item assignment. You are unable to change the Language.
  3. You can only modify the following parts of the item being translated on the right hand side: Question Stem, and Distractors. These parts of the item are indicated with red boxes in the above screenshot. You are unable to change any of the other features of the item.
  4. You must enter the translated text into the Question Stem and the Distractors. You can also use the Check Spelling link.


    For Fill in the Blank type items, you are not able to view or modify the restrictions. You must modify the restrictions in the source language item, which are then automatically copied to the translated item.

  5. You have several options to Save the item.
    1. Click the Save button. The item is saved and the item is checked out preventing other users from making edits to the item. You remain on the Translate Question page where further edits can be made to the item. 


      It is possible to assign multiple users with the same translation assignment by using the same saved search to create the assignment. When you save the item after editing it, if another user has already saved the item while you were editing the item, a message notifies you that the question is no longer available for translation. Use the Previous or Next buttons to translate another question.

    2. To save an incomplete item, click Save and Exit. The item is saved in a Draft state and checked in so any users with access to the item may make edits to the item. It is visible in the Draft/Returned Questions tab of the Project Translate Summary page.
    3. To submit the item for review, click Submit. The item is saved and checked-in so any users with access to the item may make edits to the item. The item is advanced to the next reviewer in the list or to the next stage in the workflow. You are advanced to the next item to be translated, or returned to the Project Translate Summary page if you only had one item in the assignment. If the project is configured so you can see the Submitted Question(s) tab, you will see the item is listed on this tab. 

Modify a Draft or Returned item

  1. Click the Draft/Returned Question(s) tab.
  2. Click the Edit  button to open the Translate Questions page. A message at the top of the Translate Questions page indicates you checked out the item.
  3. Modify the Question Stem or Distractors as needed.
  4. Save or Submit the item.

Delete a Draft translation item on the Draft/Returned Questions page


You are unable to delete Returned items listed on the Draft/Returned Questions page.


  1. Click the Draft/Returned Questions tab.
  2. Click the Delete button for the draft item you wish to delete.
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion. You are returned to the Project Translate Summary page.


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