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Draft: A freshly uploaded asset that has not been sent for review.

Compliance: Uploaded assets sent for review by users. Reviewing of assets are not done by assignment. Any user with Review Assets permission may review assets in this state.

Processing: Assets approved after Compliance review.

Quality: Assets approved after Processing review.

Returned: Assets returned after review. Assets returned from Compliance review are treated as HIPAA compliance returned assets. On modifying these assets, it follows the review process all over again.

Accepted/Completed: Assets approved after validation. Only those assets having the mandatory metadata can be used with content objects (items, cases). These assets can be edited only by those users who have Assets Administration permissions.

Locked: When any content object that is holding an asset is published, the asset is known to be in a Locked state (i.e., when Exam Forms are published).

Can any of the review states be skipped?


Yes, assets can move from Draft directly to Complete if you set the number of people needed to accept the asset to 0 for the Compliance, Quality, and Processing states. For more information, see the Assets tab on the Project's Configuration page.



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