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Exam Form Templates can be applied to an exam form to apply a group of settings stored in the template. The benefit of applying exam form templates to an exam form is that you can apply multiple settings at once, rather than having to apply individual settings. An exam form template can contain multiple placeholders with separate settings, which can be independently applied to Unsectioned and Sectioned items in the exam form to which the exam form template has been applied. For a group of settings that will be used multiple times, it is beneficial to make use of the exam form template feature to save valuable time and effort.

Apply placeholders to an exam form in ExamDeveloper

  1. Open the Create/Edit Exam Form page by selecting the Create Exam Form → Add Exam Form menu.

  2. Users with permission to edit exam forms can select a template from the Exam Form Template drop-down list.
  3. The Placeholder drop-down list is populated with the relevant items from the selected template. To apply a Placeholder with a selected template to a particular section in the exam form, select it from the drop-down list and click Save. It is possible to apply a placeholder to sectioned as well as unsectioned items.

    If you do not select any specific placeholder from the Placeholder drop-down list and save the exam form, then the first placeholder for that template is automatically applied by default even if the Placeholder selection is -- Select Placeholder --.

    If you do not select any template from the Exam Form Template drop-down list (you allow it to remain -- Select Template -- ) of an existing exam form or while creating a new exam form, then you are not able to apply any placeholder settings because the Placeholder drop-down list is disabled.

  4. Once you click the Build QTI Package button after selecting the exam form on the Exam Forms page, the Delivery Configuration Tool page opens. The Exam Form tree on this page has Placeholder Sections with the corresponding ExamDeveloper Sections under the Placeholder Sections applied to them on the Exam Forms page, appearing as child nodes to those Placeholder Sections. 

    As you can see in the screenshot, the ExamForm node along with its child nodes becomes read-only and grayed out.


    It is possible to edit the read-only template by right-clicking it and selecting Make Editable. Doing so disassociates the node from the template, and thus, any changes made to the templates after this step are not applied to the node.

    If the Lock Node check box is selected on the template being applied, the user is not allowed to Make Editable the node on which the template was applied.


What happens if I edit an exam after I have selected the placeholders?


If you have already assigned your placeholder to sections on your exam and you edit the sections or the exam, when you click SAVE the following message is displayed:

Warning: Exam Contents have been updated, please re-select the place holders for each section again before saving the exam.

This is because the system needs you to verify that the placeholders you assigned are still valid. You must go back to the Questions tab and reassign the correct placeholders for each section so that all the contents feed correctly when exporting the exam. 



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