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The Qti Metadata tab can be accessed by clicking an ExamForm node on the Delivery Configuration Tool page and then clicking the Qti Metadata tab in the right pane.

You can create, edit, or delete any metadata field items here. On exporting, these values are listed under the qtimetadata tag in Assessment.xml.

Entering values in the already present metadata field items produce the results as shown below:

The resultant fields in the Itempool.xml file are as shown below:

Add a metadata field item

To add a metadata field item, you must specify the FieldLabel and FieldEntry values in the respective text boxes and click Add.

Delete a metadata field item

To delete a metadata field item, click the  Remove Option icon corresponding to it. A warning pop-up is displayed to confirm the deletion.

  • OK button: Delete the metadata field item and return to the previous page.
  • Cancel button: Do not delete the metadata field item and return to the previous page.

Edit a metadata field item

Only the FieldEntry field of the metadata field item can be edited directly via its textbox. FieldLabel once entered, cannot be edited.

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