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You cannot re-publish a Published exam form. You can, however, Clone an exam form, which makes it possible to create an exact copy of an exam form with the same contents as a published exam form. It is also possible to clone a Draft state exam form. This allows you to create a new (cloned) exam form when you need to make some modifications, and the original exam form remains untouched.

Generate a clone of an exam form

  1. Click the Clone icon for the desired exam form.

  2. In the Clone an exam form pop-up, keep the default Clone only option and click the Clone button. To learn about Clone and translate to a target language feature, see the Clone and Translate Exam Form topic.
  3. A pop-up displays the progress of the cloning process.
  4. An exact copy of the original exam form is generated that has the name of the original exam form prefixed with "Copy of". The state of the cloned exam form is Draft.
  5. You can later edit the cloned exam form to add more items, sections, and assets as required.



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