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The Upload Exam Blueprint page allows you to upload and review the blueprint.

Why am I seeing this message?


This message means that the blueprint is not Editable in this project and its state is Viewable. In order to be able to upload, create, or edit a blueprint in any project, it first needs to be made Editable via the Add Content page.


We recommend that you upload the blueprint template before the items are created so that the Blueprint IDs are available while creating the item for proper association.

As an alternative to creating the blueprint within ExamDeveloper, you can write the blueprint in a Microsoft Excel sheet and upload it:

  1. Select the Manage → BlueprintUpload menu.
  2. Click Download Excel Template.
  3. Save the file to your desktop and extract the files in the archive.
  4. Using the instructions on the instructions worksheet, fill in the Excel template.

  5. There are two sheets to be filled out in this template:
    a. Levels: Where you can specify the blueprint levels, names, numbering, and whether or not each level has sub-tasks.

    b. Blueprint: Where you enter details such as Blueprint ID, node name, sub-task type (if any), and External ID (if any).

    Keep outline in order on upload template


    It is important that you keep the blueprint statements in the order they will appear in the outline. The system reads the filled template from top to bottom, and the statements are ordered as such in the outline. Take care when sorting the list by Blueprint ID, as A.11 are sorted to immediately follow A.1.

Upload the Blueprint

  1. On the Upload Exam Blueprint page, click Browse.
  2. Select the updated Excel file and click Upload.


Why is the selected template not showing as selected after selecting in Microsoft Edge web browser?


If you are using Microsoft Edge web browser, you might encounter the following behavior.

When a template is opened, but not closed in the associated application, the template selection is not visible on the import page page even if the template is selected via the Browse button, and it is not possible to import it. To import the template successfully, you must close it in the application where it is open.

The issue has been observed up to Edge version 25.10586.0.0 as of the time of writing this.

Duplicate node names


Warning message informing about duplicate node names is displayed if the blueprint template being imported, contains duplicate node names. The import will be successful.

Similarly, warning messages informing about duplicate node names also appear for all levels of the blueprint if the nodes being imported are duplicates of nodes in the existing blueprint. The import is successful and the import is append to the existing blueprint.

A warning pop-up appears when you try to modify a blueprint node name to match an existing node name.

Clicking YES updates the blueprint node name to duplicate an existing node name, while clicking NO cancels the update. You are returned to the Create Blueprint page on clicking any of the buttons.


If you import a blueprint that affects an item that is currently checked out by a user, when the batch edit process reaches the checked out item, the item is not updated. The error report identifies the item that was checked out, who checked out the item, and the date and time stamp when it was checked out.


Any blueprint having an ID outside Pearson, can be uploaded with an External ID.
The External ID cannot be modified after uploading.

Review the blueprint

  1. Once the blueprint has been added or uploaded, click Review Blueprint on the Upload Exam Blueprint page.
  2. A pop-up window displays the Exam Blueprint of the project.


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