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There are different ways in which items can be tracked.

  1. When you upload items from another bank, create a Manager-Only metadata variable called Legacy.
    All items from the legacy system should be given a value.
    Then, you can always search by the presence (or absence) of that variable.
  2. You can place items into collections and then search by those collections to pull them up later.
    One collection might be: Written By + NOT + (Insert Your Name here) = All items written within the system by SMEs.
    Alternatively, search by "Date Written" if you know the date which the items were composed, and place them into a collection.
    You can also search by Date Written + NOT + Date you uploaded Questions, if you know when the legacy items were uploaded.
  3. You should be able to search for all legacy items using the Written By search term considering it will have you (or the user who uploaded the items) as the item author.
  4. When you upload items from you legacy bank, enter the Question ID from your old system in the External ID field. This way you can search for items that contain your External ID.
    You can also search for items NOT created in your legacy system, including items created in ExamDeveloper.


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