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Saving search criteria allows you to construct your search criteria and save it for future use from within the Project Manager's Project Bank page. You can load the Saved Search criteria and retrieve the latest set of items matching those criteria. Each time you retrieve items, a fresh search is conducted and the most current set of items matching the criteria are retrieved.

Save Search criteria

  1. Construct your Search criteria as you would for a regular search on the Project Manager's Project Bank page.
  2. Click Save Search.
  3. A prompt opens asking for a description to recall the Saved Search. You can enter a relevant title in the Or Enter a Name text box or select one of the previously saved searches from the Select Search to Replace drop-down.
  4. Click Submit to save the search.

Load a previously saved search from the search interface

  1. Click the Load Search button. This opens the Load Search pop-up with a list of previously saved searches.
  2. From the list, identify the Search you would like to load. The criteria are listed with a description to help locate the one you need.

    3. Click on the name of the Search to be loaded.
    4. The Search Question page is displayed with the selected search criteria in the search control fields.


The Search Questions page has the following features:




Name of the saved search criteria


Description for saved search criteria.

Created By

Lists the user who created the saved search.

Show Full Description

Displays the description for the search criteria.

Show Only My searches

Displays only the saved searches created by the current user.


Default displays the save search criteria created by all users for the project.



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