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There are competing interests which must be balanced in regards to entering in languages. On one hand, having all languages in the Item bank makes it easy to manage and control the edits made to each language. On the other hand, the Item bank is quickly going to get very large. Certain functionality may be slowed as a result of a large Item bank (e.g., searching or exporting the Item bank).

Each time you want to build collections, exam forms, or create assignments in the system, remember to always specify a language criteria in the searches. If a language criteria is not specified, search results display default language items as well as items  of other languages. The Save Searches function allows you to build with the language criteria intact.

An alternative approach is one in which:

  1. Only default language items are inserted into the ExamDeveloper Item bank.
  2. SMEs make changes as needed to those items.
  3. The finalized default language exam forms are built in ExamDeveloper and printed using the Word output option.
  4. The Word version of the default language exam form is uploaded as an asset.
  5. Translators are given permission to view and modify the assets. Translators are either asked to download the default language version of the exam form and create their own target language version (if working from new document), or revise their existing target language exam form with track changes (if one already exists and only small changes are needed).
  6. Once translators are finished, they can upload their finished exam for all target languages. The date of revision should be added in the exam form name so it is easier to differentiate among older language versions.


Using the alternative method above, you can manage the different languages in ExamDeveloper without cluttering up your Item bank. Please note that you lose the ability to search the bank for a specific item in a different language, see who changed it, and when. However, if the same users usually edit the various languages, the function is probably not of much use.


Exam forms for the other languages, including default language, must be built in the Build Exam page in order to keep all items in the Item bank. Search for “Metadata – Language contains” and “Question ID Between” with the language code you want to use.


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