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As Project Manager, you can import data to the Project. You can upload the following from external data sources:

The Import function is used to load data to ExamDeveloper. The Export function is used to load data from ExamDeveloper.


The importing of data is limited to 10 MB.

Importing Data is for Advanced Users


Importing data is an advanced feature which will likely require training prior to using the templates for the first time. It is recommended you fill in a template with a few rows of data and send it to Pearson for input. Please contact Pearson for training on these features prior to loading data by yourself.


It is important the templates are uploaded using the provided .XLS (MS Excel 2003) format without saving them in the new .XLSX (MS Excel 2007/2010) format. Uploading the template as the MS Excel 2007/2010 format is not imported correctly.

It is also possible to export the data from ExamDeveloper and them Re-Import it back into the system.

There is a specific order that information should be uploaded into the system:

  1. Blueprint
  2. Assets
  3. Questions

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