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The exam form Blueprint defines the domain, task and sub-task of your project. ExamDeveloper allows you to upload the blueprint for the project from an Excel file. The blueprint is basically an outline for creating an exam. You are defining what type of content you want the Item Writers to create.


A blueprint cannot be uploaded or modified if it is set to Viewable and an error is displayed.

This is the default state of the blueprint when a project is created.

You must make it Editable first as mentioned in the blueprint document part of Add Content under Manage Item Bank → Projects.

A blueprint cannot be made Editable if any exam form in the project is published.


For details on uploading the exam form blueprint, refer to Upload the Blueprint.

Can two projects have the same blueprint?


The same blueprint can be assigned to two different projects. This can be done by accessing the Manage Item Bank → Projects page and selecting the Add Content option next to the project. By selecting the blueprint document from the table, a list of all available blueprints is displayed. Selecting the radio button next to the blueprint automatically assigns that blueprint to the project.

If a user wants to assign only part of the blueprint to a project, the blueprint can be copied to the new project.


When copying the blueprint, there is an option that allows a user to copy the item association. This function allows for information associated with the items to move as well. If you do not select the box, then all items in the project are listed as Unclassified with no Blueprint IDs associated with them.

If item association is not selected, it allows for a change to be made to the blueprint that does not affect the blueprint if it is associated with another project.


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