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Analysis Set is a group of statistical values assigned to item(s). Analysis Sets created in any project within the Item Bank are listed here.

The Analysis Sets page has the following features.



Delete the corresponding Analysis Set

Click to download the corresponding Analysis Set in XLS format

Edit certain aspects of the corresponding Analysis Set

Analysis GroupName of the Analysis Group
Analysis SetName of the Analysis Set


Name of the exam form to which the Analysis Sets is bound


  1. Questions only (not choosing an exam form, even if the items exist in the exam form).
  2. Questions bound to a published exam form. In this case, the item has to be part of the selected published exam form.
  3. Questions with an External ID.


Statistics are stored for items which belong to ExamDeveloper, as well as for those that do not belong to ExamDeveloper.

In the above example of editing an Analysis Set bound to an exam form, you can edit the Analysis Set name, its starting and ending dates, as well as mark it as Default (if not already marked as Default), or remove its Default status (if it is the current Default). Once the required changes are made, you can save them to the Analysis Set by clicking Save. Clicking Cancel removes all the changes made.


Analysis Group

Each Analysis Set is part of an Analysis Group. An Analysis Group can contain multiple Analysis Sets. An Analysis Set can be part of only one Analysis Group at a time. Analysis Sets created prior to the introduction of the Analysis Group feature belong to a default Analysis Group named "Ungrouped". Also, Analysis Sets uploaded without specifying any Analysis Group are assigned to "Ungrouped".

  • Default Analysis Set: A maximum of one Analysis Set from an Analysis Group can be marked as Default for an item.
  • Latest Analysis Set: That Analysis Set in an Analysis Group, which has the latest date of creation, is termed as "Latest" for that Analysis Group.
  • Most Candidates Analysis Set: That Analysis Set in an Analysis Group, which has the most number of candidates in its statistics values, is termed as "Most Candidate" for that Analysis Group.

There can be only one of each of the above in any Analysis Group.

An Analysis Group may not have any Default Analysis Set, but will always have a Latest and a Most Candidates Analysis Set as long as the Analysis Group is not empty.


Refer to Upload Analysis Sets for Items in ExamDeveloper for storing statistics for items belonging to ExamDeveloper.

Refer to Upload Statistics for Items not in ExamDeveloper for storing statistics for items not belonging to ExamDeveloper.


Items used in the application are generally termed as items belonging to ExamDeveloper.

items in Imported state along with External ID are generally termed as items not belonging to ExamDeveloper.



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