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In some instances there may be a need to export information from the application and then re-import them back into the application. For example, there may be an exam form someone may want to export and move to a brand new project.


Exporting an exam form and re-importing it to a new project can only be done if the projects share the same Item Bank.

Export and re-import data

  1. Create an empty project (Project B).
  2. Assign the exam form with all the blueprints, metadata, assets from the source project (Project A) as viewable to the target project (Project B).

  3. In Project B, navigate to Manage → Reports → Questions and then select the All Questions option.
  4. Click the XML button to export all items into ExamDeveloper XML format.
  5. Remove the exam form and its contents (cases, sections, items) from Project B via Manage Itembank → Projects → Add Content.
  6. In Project B navigate to Manage → Import → Questions, and import the XML file.

The same set of exam form items are imported from Project A to Project B.


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