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The Question Metadata feature can be used to add or update the metadata information attached to an item for a specific project.

You can add new metadata or can update existing metadata for an item through XML files. Use the link Get Sample XML link to download a sample XML template. This file can be opened in a suitable XML editor to enter data.

You can use this XML sheet to add/update metadata content for items with an internal or External ID. Metadata for multiple items can be added by duplicating the '<question>......</question>' sections. Multiple content can be added by duplicating the '<metadata>......</metadata>' sections and adding the required metadata in individual sections.

After filling in the required fields, Save the XML file and upload it using the Choose File and Upload button. Successful import results in a notification message as shown below. The number of items that were updated is provided.


An error message identifies that some items could not be updated, and both a report and template are downloaded for the Question ID(s) and/or External ID(s) that are not valid.

The YYYY-MM-DD_BatchEditReport_<project name>.xlsx file contains a report identifying Question IDs or External IDs for the items that failed to import.



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