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The Questions tab allows you to export different types of items, with or without the associated options, in the HTML, Excel, or XML file formats.

The Questions tab has the following features:

Export Option


Which questions?

Select the type of items needed in the report:

  • Completed Questions
  • Questions in Validation
  • Questions in Review
  • Draft Questions

    Select the All Questions in Item Bank option to generate a report that includes all available questions.

Which fields?

Select the fields required in the report:

  • Question Text
  • Correct Answer
  • Distractors
  • References
  • Metadata
  • Blueprint
  • Print full-size graphics after questions
  • Comments
  • Enemies

    Select the All fields option to select all available options.

What order?

Select the order by which the questions should be sorted, up to three levels of sorting. There are four sorting options available to select from each of the three level drop-downs: Blueprint ID, Question Status, Writer, Date Last Modified, and Question ID.

For example, you can sort questions by writer, followed by its status, and last, by the date the questions were last modified, as shown below.

Check the Randomize questions option to display the questions in random order on the report.

Generate a report

  1. Select the required options.
  2. Click the appropriate button for the format in which you want to generate the report:
    1. HTML
    2. Excel
    3. XML


    If you select HTML, your browser must allow pop-ups.

    If you select Excel or XML, you are prompted to view or download the file.



Spreadsheet asset values are not exported to XML for:

  1. A spreadsheet asset added to an item via Rich Text editor (in Stem, Answer Option, Block Text Metadata, or Comment).
  2. A spreadsheet type question having "Score results" selected as "Manually through test driver".

Also, a spreadsheet asset added to a case text with default values (no modifications to its properties) is exported with its default values.



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