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This section displays details about each Reviewer and the status of the items based on the Review status.

The table is split into the number of Review States that were added to a project as seen above.

Each table displays the following details of the reviewers:




The username of the reviewer.

# Reviewed

The number of items reviewed by the reviewer.

# Times They Accepted

The number of items the reviewer accepted.

# Times They Returned

The number of items the reviewer returned.

# Times They Modified

The number of items the reviewer modified.




The "# Returned" State column header text may appear using different words, depending on the text provided in the Return State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

Prior to the 1809 version, the default text was Reject. If you are working with items within an Item Bank that was created prior to the 1809 release, the text is named Reject unless you named it something else.



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