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  1. Version 7.1905

    in the Blank item type: Translate Questions Side by Side Description:  On the Translate Questions Side by Side page, the Expand Restrictions button has been disabled, and the restrictions…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 03, 2019
  2. Version 7.1906

    name in ascending order You can search by either First name or Last name The Email address column has been renamed to Email The Impersonate button has been moved to a menu item…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 27, 2019
  3. Version 7.1702

    " If no background image is attached, this button will be disabled. Enhancement Write Question Item Writer Add background image to label (QTI) When adding an image to a label…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemOct 16, 2017