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  1. ExamForm Node Item Metadata tab

     tag is absent in this file, if the selected item doesn't contain any metadata for the selection. The Export Blueprint Metadata section allows you to export blueprint
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 04, 2019
  2. Export Blueprint Metadata.png

  3. Known Issues in Releases

      Title (Internal #) Description Work Around (if known) Fixed in Release Custom Reports exporting without Metadata (D-35383) Custom Reports were exporting without data…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJan 15, 2020
  4. Version 7.1902

    , they must do it from the Examine Questions page. Enhancement QTI Export Project Managers, Test Publishers QTI does not export metadata category name Export QTI data…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemFeb 22, 2019
  5. Version 7.1809

    report export Report Manager JSON report export includes blueprint Blueprint information was included in the JSON report export. The JSON format export now includes details…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemSep 26, 2018
  6. Blueprint Translation using SDL Trados Studio

    It is possible to translate the blueprint of a project to another language to create a different language version of the same blueprint. This is achieved by exporting
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 08, 2019
  7. How to Export Data from ExamDeveloper and then Re-Import it into the System

    and re-import data Create an empty project (Project B). Assign the exam form with all the blueprints, metadata, assets from the source project (Project A) as viewable…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 08, 2019
  8. Qti Metadata tab

    create, edit, or delete any metadata field items here. On exporting, these values are listed under the qtimetadata tag in Assessment.xml. Entering values in the already present…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 04, 2019
  9. Asset Custom Report

    The Asset Custom Report lists information about assets such as blueprint, comment, metadata, ID, etc. It can be generated by selecting assets from the Search Assets page…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 04, 2019
  10. ExamForm Node Global Configuration tab

    are left at default. This setting exports Blueprint IDs of the items used in the exam form. This check box is selected by default with Use system generated objective idents…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemAug 07, 2019