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  1. 6.3.2 Status

    document from the Select Blueprint Document drop-down, and selecting the appropriate boxes below: Blueprint status Metadata for items Writer status Reviewer status Validator…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 08, 2019
  2. Version 7.1711

    ), including: Asset File Filename Display as Exhibit setting Blueprint Enemies Metadata (State should remain unchanged) Asset Modify locking is removed so that system…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJan 17, 2018
  3. 5.3.4 Create Roles

    edit items, save and edit collections and search criteria. Generate reports on items, exams, assets, references, analysis sets and user activity. Import and export items, blueprint
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemSep 09, 2019
  4. 5.5.1 Custom Report

    ID, Question Type, Written By, Name of the Case on which the item exists, Stem and Options text and images, Option labels and shape labels, references, metadata, blueprint, comments…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 04, 2019
  5. 4.4.2 Add Criteria

    Metadata Criteria, and Commonality with Other Exams. Question blueprint criteria This option lets you select items based on the blueprint criteria. The selection can be made within…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 04, 2019
  6. Custom Reports

    and Options text and images, Option labels and shape labels, References, Metadata, Blueprint, Comments, Enemies, Parent Question ID (in case of R-Type Question Stems), Latest Revision ID…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 05, 2019
  7. LOFT Selection Ordering

    is populated, but radio button not selected, then it is ignored. If you select the various Metadata listed under Export Question Metadata in the Item Metadata tab of the parent ExamForm…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJan 22, 2019
  8. Automatic Assignment Work to Users

    to whom the work is to be assigned. Next, select the level of the blueprint required in the Select Blueprint Level drop-down field. Select a metadata category from under…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMar 13, 2019
  9. 7.1 Users

    (according to the tally level selected from the Blueprint Level drop-down). Metadata created for the items. The user can retrieve information about a project based on: Metadata
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 01, 2019
  10. Version 7.1708

    . Enhancement Assign Questions Managers Modify write assignment Assigning questions that contain Blueprint and/or Metadata criteria, then when editing any of the criteria (Blueprint
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemNov 14, 2017