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  1. 7.4.11 HTML Report

    (Compound type item only), Text (Compound type items only), Blueprint ID, Other Blueprints, Default Category (metadata), References, Cases, Comments, Statistics, Enemies, Split…
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  2. 7.4.4 Observe Items

    the Questions assigned to the case. Question Metadata The metadata details of the retrieved item. This displays the Question ID, Revision Code, Blueprint ID, Translation group…
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  3. 2.8.1 Information about an Item

    Metadata, User Tracking, Comments, History, and Statistics. The Question Metadata tab displays information about the item such as the Blueprint ID and any custom metadata
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  4. Chapter 6 - Manage Item Bank

    can be added to an Item Bank: Items Cases Collections Assets Sections Exam Forms Blueprints Metadata The salient features of Item Banks are as follows: All Item Banks…
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  5. 5.1.3 Review Workflow

    with Reviewer permission to edit the following areas: Item Text (Stem and Option text), Blueprint, Metadata, and Reference. Each of these areas has check boxes next to them, which…
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  6. 3.3 View an Asset and Send for Review

    . From here, you are able to Send for Review, Modify, Discard, or get the History of an asset. The current State of the image, Display Mode, Blueprint, asset Metadata, History…
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  7. Batch Edit Assets

    for a set of assets selected. The property fields are State, Blueprint, Comments, Display Mode, and Metadata types (if any). The DisplayMode option lets you choose the image…
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  8. 2.4.4 Shared Option List (R-Type)

    associated data such as blueprint, metadata, and comments are not transferred. You can add additional Question Stems by clicking the  Add New Stem icon. If you wish to remove…
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  9. How to Review and Validate Items

    reason, spelling or grammar, actual item content, or change of metadata, reference or blueprint tags. In order to modify the item, click the Modify button. This opens the Modify…
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  10. 4.3 Set Standard for an Exam Form

    . It is important that you do not change items in any way (item text, Blueprint ID, Metadata, etc.) while a standing setting study is in progress, as some participants' ratings are stored…
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