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  1. 9.3 Dynamic Text Drop-down

    The Dynamic Text drop-down in the Rich Text editor allows the user to insert pre-defined scripts via simple point and click method into the text window. When selected, the drop…
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  2. How to Set up a Standard Setting Meeting

    . The fewer the participants, the less likely that the process can be replicated. It is recommended that greater than five participants be used for a smaller program…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 29, 2019
  3. 5.1.7 Set up a Dictionary for your Project

    You can create a custom dictionary for spell checking text in Stems and Answer Options of items in a project. Any words added to the dictionary are not displayed as incorrect…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMar 13, 2019
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  5. 3.2.1 files no larger than 100 MB error.png

  6. Set Standard Tab

    Select the Manage → Settings → Configuration menu and click the Set Standard tab. The Project Manager can specify the sorting order of items in the Set Standard page…
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  7. 5.1 Set up a Project

    A project must first be set up or created before users can begin working on it. While setting up a project, you must configure the project blueprint, create users and their work…
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  8. Clear All Formatting

        New line table style, border, cell spacing, cellpadding, bgcolor background-color width text-align margin margin-left margin-right Table thead rollover_color…
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  9. Search Criteria Used for Items in ExamDeveloper

    Compound Single A list of items of the selected type. State The state of the item List box: Draft Review Returned (This text may appear using other words, depending…
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  10. 3.3.4 Comment on Assets and Asset Stacks

    Annotation editor canvas and a text box is added to the canvas. The text box is 180 px wide. The font is Arial 12 pt. A max of 199 characters may be typed in a text box…
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