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  1. 2.6.3 Automatically Correct Text

    Automatically Correct Text using post-1809 Rich Text Editor If the Auto-Correct tab of the Item Bank Configuration page is populated with a list of entries, you can replace…
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  2. 2.6.4 Supported HTML Elements and Attributes

    , width, style text-align   nth-child count, bgcolor   Used to set background color for rows p style, align, tab_stops text-indent margin margin-left margin-right…
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  3. Examine Items

    is set to Require reviewers to classify unclassified Questions to level as other than None. The state of the Draft and Rejected items on modifying, are not changed to Review State…
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  4. 9.3 Dynamic Text Drop-down

    The Dynamic Text drop-down in the Rich Text editor allows the user to insert pre-defined scripts via simple point and click method into the text window. When selected, the drop…
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  5. 3.2.1 files no larger than 100 MB error.png

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  7. How to Set up a Standard Setting Meeting

    . The fewer the participants, the less likely that the process can be replicated. It is recommended that greater than five participants be used for a smaller program…
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  8. 5.1.7 Set up a Dictionary for your Project

    You can create a custom dictionary for spell checking text in Stems and Answer Options of items in a project. Any words added to the dictionary are not displayed as incorrect…
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  10. Set Standard Tab

    Select the Manage → Settings → Configuration menu and click the Set Standard tab. The Project Manager can specify the sorting order of items in the Set Standard page…
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