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  1. 2.4.13 Compound Items

    be a positive decimal or integer value. It can range from ".001" to "9999". Create a Compound Item Add the Question Stem to the Compound Item type. This is the only mandatory field…
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  2. 2.4.12 External Items

     page, select External from the Question Type drop-down list. Please visit the Language-related features in Items page to learn about the Language Code drop-down list. Create
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  3. 2.7.8 Item Locking

    affect the automatic check-out status as follows: Add Question to Case - Saves changes to the item, opens Add/Edit Case page where you can create a new case and add the item
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  4. 2.4.10 Enhanced Matching Items

    page to learn about the Language Code drop-down list. Create an Enhanced Matching Item Enter a Question Stem providing information about the topic of the Enhanced Matching type…
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  5. Chapter 6 - Manage Item Bank

    administrator can create and edit the contents of Item Banks.  By extension, they also inherit permissions of Project Managers for all projects in their Item Banks. There can…
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  6. 2.7.6 Review an item requiring Blueprint Level selection

    for details. If you are viewing an item within an Item Bank that was created prior to 1809, the button is named Reject unless you named it something else. The Advance button cannot…
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  7. 5.3.4 Create Roles

    . Permission Actions Allowed (pages affected in parentheses) Create Questions Write new items, attach existing assets to items.  (Develop Questions → Write Item
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  8. 2.7.2 Modify an Item during Review

    Make corrections to an item When you modify an item this creates a new version of the item. If you choose to return the item after modifying it, the new revision of the item
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  9. Add a Standard Item Bank

    in the organization. Select one or more usernames from the Item Bank Admin list to be denoted as the Item Bank administrators for the Item Bank being created. Enter a Name…
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  10. Import Items

    again and accepting the imported items creates a new, but identical, set of items, if the same items imported earlier have already been accepted. These two question sets…
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