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  1. 2.6 Formatting Options

    for the selected text. See the Auto-Correct Tab topic for details on creating Auto-correct entries. Find and replace Find or find/replace the selected text. Source code…
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  2. Edit Properties of Multiple Items

    of an existing collection selected via a drop-down. Find and replace question text Change the item text by using Find and replace Question text feature for all of the selected…
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  3. 3.3.3 Replace an Asset

    An asset can be replaced from the Modify Asset page (from Examine Asset, Compliance Review, Processing, or Quality Review). To replace an asset from the Examine Asset page…
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  5. 2.3.9 Cannot find question in different language.png

  6. Replace template.png

  7. Replace File link.png

  8. 3.3.3 Replaced Asset Saved.png

  9. 5.1.5 Replace MD Content.png

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  10. Known Issues in Releases

    to submit properly. These margins are byproducts of a Microsoft Word export. Tables pasted from Word may have this issue. Workaround requires users to replace ".0001pt" values…
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