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  1. 2.4.6 Point and Click

    Point and Click items require the candidate to interact with an image in order to provide a response. For Point and Click items, the candidate is asked to click on an area…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemOct 31, 2019
  2. 1905 Point and Click image editor.png

    ExamDeveloper Help System / … / Coming SoonMar 15, 2019
  3. Version 7.2006

    items so they are all pointing to a single reference. Select the desired references and click the Merge button. Select the reference you want to merge all the other references…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 19, 2020
  4. JSON Report Format

    , Constructed Response, Point & Click, Fill In the Blank, R-Type, Matching item types 4 - MCQ Single, MCQ Multiple, Pull-down list, Constructed Response, Point & Click, Fill…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 17, 2020
  5. Version 7.1907

    Description:  The Set Minimum Response and Set Maximum Response options no longer appear on the Advanced Properties tab on the Examine Questions page for Point & Click type items…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemAug 05, 2019
  6. Version 7.1905

    to the topics.   Release Updates Enhancements  Click the links below to expand the explanation for the enhancement. Pages/Feature:   Point & Click item type, Write Question…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 03, 2019
  7. Edit Properties of Multiple Items

    the Project Bank page. When you use Batch Edit to try and change the state of any Point and Click items, the state is not changed if they are missing Shapes or Shape Labels. An error…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJun 17, 2020
  8. Known Issues in Releases

    . 7.1809 (Point and Click) Hot Area items showing as Hot Spot after modifying questions (D-30683) For new and existing Point and Click items. When viewing a point and click
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemJul 02, 2020
  9. Examine Items

    , ExamDeveloper automatically checks-in the item. When you try and change a Point and Click item from a Draft to Review, Validate, or Completed state, the state does not change and an error…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 15, 2020
  10. 3.3.4 Comment on Assets and Asset Stacks

    , ExamDeveloper draws a line from the point on the canvas where you double-clicked to the starting point of the polygon. Zoom in / zoom out on images By default when you click
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemOct 31, 2019