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  1. 7.2.1 Select Blueprint Tally Level

    The Tally Level that is currently set for the project is the level displayed first in the Observe pages of users, committees, exam forms and items.   A user can change the Tally
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  2. 7.1 Users

    (according to the tally level selected from the Blueprint Level drop-down). Metadata created for the items. The user can retrieve information about a project based on: Metadata…
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  3. 5.3.6 Assign Work to Users

    Work assignments are based on the blueprint. These assignments can be allocated at any level of the blueprint, including at the global project level all the way down to the Tally
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  4. 7.2.2 Blueprint Status

    The Show Blueprint Status shows the progress of items across the project’s blueprint at the project’s tally level. The blueprints can be viewed by selecting the tally level
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  5. Project Tab

    First Sorts the metadata list on the Metadata tab with the mandatory metadata listed first (near the top). Select Tally level The Blueprint level at which project goals…
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  6. Add a Standard Item Bank

    for the Standard Item Bank. Specify the Tally Level from the drop-down list. Select the 2-Factor Authentication check box if required/available. Enter the Authy License API Key if you opt…
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  7. 2.7.6 Review an item requiring Blueprint Level selection

    When the Require reviewers to classify unclassified Questions to level setting for the current Review State on the Review Workflow page is selected and the item being reviewed…
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  8. View Item Banks

    View Item Banks Select the Item Bank → View menu. This table has the following features: Column Description Delete To delete the Item Bank, select
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  9. View the Blueprint Status for Items of an Exam Form

    . The window displays the number of items for all the available blueprints of the project, according to the levels selected by the user in the Select Level drop-down list. The counts…
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  10. 2.3.1 The Blueprint Tab

    The Blueprint tab of the Write Question page allows you to specify the blueprint levels of the item you wish to create or modify. Select the correct classifications from…
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