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  1. Legal Considerations of Standard Setting

    that the controversies have entered the legal arena. Standard Setting Report If there is ever a challenge for your examination program, they typically come from candidates who feel…
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  2. Absolute Methods of Standard Setting

    Setting the Pass Mark: Characteristics of Credible Standards In this section, we will discuss the various methodologies associated with standard setting. Whichever method you…
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  3. Standard Setting (Cut Score)

    Introduction In this section of the tutorial, our goal is to provide instruction on achieving a defensible passing point. This process is known as standard setting and allows us…
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  4. How to Set up a Standard Setting Meeting

    Guidelines The selection of participants for a standard-setting study is important because the committee not only affects the resulting cut score, but also the credibility…
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  5. Compromise Methods of Standard Setting

    Compromise Methods In contrast to absolute methods, compromise methods draw on the information in the observed score distribution for a test to adjust the standard. Advantages…
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  8. 4.3 Set Standard for an Exam Form

    The Standard Setting component is ExamDeveloper's “best practice” method of setting a passing standard for an examination. The standard setting process is performed by a group…
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  9. 4.3.2 Rate the Difficulty Level of Items

    ExamDeveloper uses the Angoff method for setting standards. In this method, each Subject Matter Expert (SME) rates each item by selecting the proportion of minimally competent…
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  10. Angoff Method

    The Modified Angoff Method The Modified Angoff method is the most basic form of the criterion based setting standards perhaps due to relatively simple process of determining…
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