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  1. 5.1.3 Review Workflow

    Access the Review Workflow page Select the Manage → Setting → Review Workflow menu. Option Description Allow users to review their own Questions Select Yes…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 04, 2019
  2. How-To Videos

    Workflow Reports Item Bank Management  …
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 29, 2019
  3. 2.7.1 Advance an Item

    in the workflow when it is advanced by the required number of Reviewers. This number is set by the Project Manager. A message notifies you that the number of items that require…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 04, 2019
  4. 2.7.6 Review an item requiring Blueprint Level selection

    When the Require reviewers to classify unclassified Questions to level setting for the current Review State on the Review Workflow page is selected and the item being reviewed…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 05, 2019
  5. 5.3.7 Item Check-out Dashboard

    the pages of currently checked-out items. Items are either automatically or manually checked-out depending upon how the Project Manager has configured the project workflow. See…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMar 13, 2019
  6. 2.7.8 Item Locking

    - Saves all changes to the case, moves all items on the case from a Draft state to the next state in the review workflow, all items on the case remained checked-out as long as you…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMay 01, 2019
  7. Coming Soon

    ”. In Project.json, the reviewConfigurations element (which is always null at the moment) will be populated with review workflow details of that project. For all custom report formats…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMay 21, 2019
  8. 2.7.2 Modify an Item during Review

    or to the next stage in the workflow. If multiple Advance Outcomes are configured, the final reviewer must select where to advance the item by selecting the Outcome drop-down list…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemApr 05, 2019
  9. Known Issues in Releases

    items through review workflows were still being kept (i.e 3 votes to advance would still advance). However, the "to " would disappear from the Examine Questions page for previous…
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMay 21, 2019
  10. 2.3.8 Add a Case

    . Click Submit All to Save the changes to the current item and Submit the item to the case, and to submit all Draft items on the case and promote them to the next state in the workflow
    ExamDeveloper Help SystemMay 14, 2019