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In order to search using the Language language criteria, you must select the check box for Language on the project’s Configuration page. Once you enable this setting, the Language criteria becomes visible in the search criteria drop-down list.


If you enter alphabetical text in the search box after selecting Language as the search criteria, then it is interpreted as you are searching for items via language code. As seen in the following screenshot, you can specify “German” as the search criteria and all the items with “German” as the language code are retrieved and listed after clicking the Retrieve Questions button.


If you want to search and retrieve a specific item, then you need to know its language group as well as language code to enter it in the format “Language Group.Language Code” in the search box. Clicking Clicking the Retrieve Questions button directly opens the item in the Examine Questions page, rather than listing it in the search result. Failing to provide the exact value for language group and language code in the format yields no results.