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It is now possible to translate items to another language to create a different language version of the same item. This is achieved by exporting the items in a Trados recognizable format, translating them using the SDL Trados Studio software, and importing them back into ExamDeveloper.


  1. Select the Manage → Project Bank → Questions menu and search for the items to be translated.
  2. Select the items to be translated and click the Translate button.

    When multiple items are selected for translation, they must have the same language code.

  3. The items are exported into a ZIP archive file containing files (and folder) as below:

    1. HTML document contains all the selected items as shown below.

      As can be seen above, the HTML file contains the language code, which is common to all items being exported. Only the content marked with the red boxes will be translated namely: Language Code, Stem text, Lead-In text, Answer Option text, Answer Option label, and additional text.
    2. Images folder with images present in any item, if any.
    3. Trados setting file required to import the items into Trados.
    4. Trados instruction file containing instructions related to Trados that the user must follow.

      Refer to Translating Translate A Document Using SDL Trados Studio for the translation process.