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  1. Click Add New link. This opens a plain text box and a Rich Text Editor box.
  2. Specify the word to be replaced in the Text box on the left, and the word it is to be replaced by in the Replace With box on the right.


    The word or characters in the Text box on left are not case sensitive. You can enter upper or lower case letters on the left.

    How you enter the word or words in the Replace With box on the right are how the text appears when you use the autocorrect feature.

    For example, in the list of Auto-Correct entries below if you used Auto-Correct to replace tb with Tuberculosis, it appears with the capital T.

  3. Click the  Save icon to save or the  Cancel icon to delete.
  4. Once saved, the words pair appear at the bottom of the AutoCorrect page. You can continue to add as many words pairs as necessary.
  5. You can click the Edit Image Removed icon Image Added icon to edit an existing entry.

Specify pairs of auto-correct words via CSV file