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  1. Open the URL https://ED-URL/FreshInstall/FreshInstall.aspx, where https://ED-URL/ is the ExamDeveloper application URL.
    Thus, if the ExamDeveloper URL is, then the URL to open in the browser will be
    The following page will appearappears.

  2. Enter the Username, Password, Password Confirmation, and Email address for the initial administrator user, and click Submit.


    Error messages in red text are displayed if any of the values are not entered or if the entered values do not comply with the requirements.

  3. The initial administrator user is created and the below message is visible. All the fields become read-only.
  4. You must now click the Login hyperlink to proceed to the login page to log into the application using the administrator user that was just created.



The below screen is visible if you try to open the URL mentioned in step 1, after the initial administrator has already been created. All the fields appear as read-only.