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Comment: Error when saving or advancing a modified item that requires a comment


  1. Click the Modify button on the Review Questions page. On the Modify Question page, which is identical to the Write Questions page that authors view, you may be asked to enter a reason for the modification if the project configuration requires it.

  2. A message notifies you that you checked out the item thus preventing other users from editing the item until you check it back in.


    When the item is checked out, the Modify button is disabled for all other users on the Review Questions and Examine Questions pages. Project Managers can override this check-out from the Examine Questions page by clicking the Check-in button.

    Make the required edits to the item.

  3. You have four options once you have completed the edits to the item.

    1. Click Save: The changes are saved, the item remains checked out, you stay on the Modify Question page, and a message notifies you that changes to the item have been saved.


      If the review state is configured to Require Comment on modifying question and you try to save, advance, or return the item without providing a comment, ExamDeveloper does not save the item and displays an error reminding you that a comment is required.

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      Project Managers have the ability to check in an item while a Reviewer is actively working on an item. If the Project Manager checks-in the item, modifies the item and Submits the item, a new revision of the item is created. The Reviewer editing the item is not notified until they click Save, Advance, Return or Exit. A new message stating, "It is not possible to save this item as it has been updated. Refresh the page to load the latest data; you will need to input any changes you made again before saving."

      If a Project Manager deletes an item while a Reviewer is actively editing an item, a message notifies the user that, "It is not possible to save this item as it has been deleted."

      If a Project Manager makes an item so it is no longer editable in the current project while a Reviewer is actively editing the item, a message notifies the user that, "It is not possible to save this item as it is no longer editable on the current project."

    2. Click Advance: The changes are saved, the item is checked-in, and the item is advanced to the next reviewer in the list or to the next stage in the workflow. If multiple Advance Outcomes are configured, the final reviewer must select where to advance the item by selecting the Outcome drop-down list.


      Advance states can be configured to require a comment. See Review Workflow for details on how to configure an Advance state to include a comment.

      Outcome State with no required comment

      Outcome State with required comment

    3. Click Return: The changes are saved, the item is checked-in, and a new revision is created, you must add a Comment, and the item is returned to the previous workflow state. If multiple users must review the item, they must review this new version of the item even though they may have already reviewed the old version of the item.

      When multiple Outcomes are possible, only the last reviewer has the ability to choose where to send the item when returning it. Select where to return the item to from the the Outcomes drop-down list.

      If you need to see the items in order enter your comment, you can move the Return Question pop-up window around on the page. Just click anywhere in the pop-up and drag the window to another location within the ExamDeveloper window.

    4. Click Exit: Cancel all changes to the item, return to the Review Question page, and the item remains checked-out. If you want to check-in the item, click the Check-in button.