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HTML ElementHTML tag removedAttributes cleared for the elementElement Description
strong/bYes Bold
em/iYes Italic
uYes Underline
s/strikeYes Strike through
subYes Subscript
supYes Superscript
pNostyle, alignParagraph
fontYes Font
ulNostyleUnordered list
olNostyleOrdered list
liNo List line item
aYes  Hyperlink
blockquoteYes  Long quotation
headerYes  A container for a heading
h1Yes  Heading 1
h2Yes  Heading 2
h3Yes  Heading 3
h4Yes  Heading 4
h5Yes  Heading 5
h6Yes  Heading 6
hrYes  Horizontal rule separator


The following list of HTML elements and attributes are not impacted by the Clear All Formatting option.