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It is possible to modify the properties of Spreadsheet Material (.xls and .xlsx file format assets) attached to G-Type Case Text via the pop-up window that appears when double-clicking on the attached Spreadsheet Material.

The Maximum rows, Maximum columns, and Frame Height can be modified and saved by clicking the Submit button.

The Maximum rows range is from 1 to 500, Maximum columns range is from 1 to 100, and Frame Height range is from 0 to 9999.


Add a audio or video file to the Question Stem or Answer Options

  1. Select the Insert → Asset Manager menu in the Rich Text Editor above the Question Stem or the Answer Options text area to which you wish to attach an asset.
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  2. A pop-up window appears allowing you to search images by setting criteria for the file that must be uploaded. Click the Retrieve Assets button to pull up assets already in the system.
    Image Added
    All the assets uploaded for the specific project are displayed as thumbnails. Details of each asset can be accessed by hovering the mouse pointer over the asset.
    Image Added
  3. Click the Attach Image Added icon for any Video or Audio files you want to add to the item.
  4. Click OK when the file has been attached message appears.
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  5. The Write Question page now includes the attached audio or video asset in either the Question stem or the answer option.
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Add QTI attributes to audio or video assets

You can control the behavior of the audio or video clips using the QTI attributes. Some attributes are automatically configured by default. You must open the Audio/Video Attributes pop-up window to change the default settings.

  1. Click on the audio or video asset and then click the Audio/Video button on the toolbar in the Rich Text Editor.
    Image Added
  2. The Audio/Video Attributes pop-up window opens where you can configure which buttons will be available on the media control panel, and determine how the audio or video file behaves for the candidate.
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  3. Select the desired attributes and click OK.
    • Auto Play: Automatically plays the audio or video clip when the item is presented (not selected by default)
    • Auto Loop: Automatically replays the audio or video clip when the clip reaches the end (not selected by default)
    • Loop Button: Display the Loop Image Added button on the media control panel (selected by default)
    • Pause Button: Display the Pause Image Added button on the media control panel (selected by default)
    • Play Button: Display the Play Image Added button on the media control panel (selected by default)
    • Stop Button: Display the Stop Image Added button on the media control panel (selected by default)
    • Volume Control: Display the Volume control Image Added on the media control panel (selected by default)
    • Progress Bar: Display the Progress bar on the media control panel (selected by default)
      Image Added
    • Seek: Changes the progress bar to an interactive slider control that allows the candidate to select the playback position in the audio or video clip.
      Image Added
      To move directly to a specific time location, the candidate can hover the cursor over the progress bar to see a tool tip containing the playback time, and then click at that specific location. (not selected by default)
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    • Playback Maximum: Enter the maximum number of times you will allow the candidate to playback the audio or video clip. When playback maximum is selected, the Seek and Stop playback functions are disabled by the test driver.
    • Countdown Seconds: Use countdown seconds in conjunction with auto play. You can specify the number of seconds to delay the playback. You may enter values 1 through 300. If no value is entered (default=0) the playback starts immediately when the item is presented.