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Comment: not about audio/video files with Docx export


  1. Click  Word Output icon to generate the corresponding exam form as a Microsoft Word document.
  2.  An Exam Word Export pop-up window opens, prompting you to select one of the three formats: ExamDeveloper Format, GARP Format, and DOCX Format. Select the required format and click OK to save, or else click Cancel to simply return to the Exam Forms page.

    1. ExamDeveloper Format:

      The ExamDeveloper format provides the Exam Key and Metadata on the first page of the export followed by the exam items.

    2. GARP Format:

      The GARP format only exports the exam items. The items are listed in table format.

    3. DOCX Format:

      The DOCX format exports the data into Microsoft .docx format. The items are automatically exported.

      You can choose to export the Exam Key and Metadata similar to the ExamDeveloper format. Select the Include Exam Key & Metadata option.

      Image Modified
      Image Modified
      You can either list the exhibits before the group of items in the exam, or you can select the Group Exhibits before questions option. If you group the exhibits before the questions, each question references which exhibit applies to the item.

      Exhibits grouped before items:

      Image Modified
      Exhibits not grouped before questions:

      Image Modified


      When you export an exam in Docx format that includes audio or video files, a .Zip file is generated the includes the Docx file and a Files folder that holds the audio and video files.

      Note: .hsp and .iie files are not exported with the Docx format.

  3. A Print Exam - Google Chrome dialog box opens. Click the document in the status bar at the bottom of the window to open the generated document. Close the extra dialog box.

  4. Save the document to your desktop to edit its formatting or to print it.