The History tab on the Observe Questions page displays previous versions of retrieved items.

Each revision of the item is listed on its own row. The current State of the item is listed along with who created the revision (first name last name), and when the revision was created.

For items that were created in ExamDeveloper version 7.1807 and higher, the revision number starts at 1 and then increments by 1 (e.g., 1, 2, 3, ...). In older versions of ExamDeveloper a system generated number was assigned to each revision. There was no sequence to the revision numbers.

For items that were created in ExamDeveloper prior to version 7.1807, the old revision numbers did not change. For any revisions made to the item after version 7.1807, the revision number increases by 1 starting with the most recent revision number (e.g., 214299, 214300, 214301, ...).


Compare Revisions

From the History tab, you can select two or more revisions and compare them.

  1. Locate and View the desired item.
  2. Select the desired revision numbers in the list and click View revision(s).
  3. The Question History page opens in a new window. All the differences between the two versions are displayed. New additions are highlighted in green. Old text, previous state, or version numbers are highlighted in pink. Close the window once you are finished reviewing the Question history.

    The Advanced Properties tab also displays the differences between versions.

    If more than two revisions are selected, you can step through the comparison sets using the First, Previous, Next, and Last buttons, or you can select a comparison from the Jump to drop-down list. The revisions are only comparing the two closest revisions against each other. For example, the sample below chose to compare revision 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. You may only view 1 vs 2, 2 vs 3, 3 vs 4, or 4 vs 5. If you want to compare 1 vs 5, you must select only those two revisions and then click View revisions.

The Question History page has the following options to navigate through versions of the item:




Moves to the earliest revision comparison in the list (e.g., comparing revisions 1 and 2).


Moves to the previous revision comparison in the list (e.g., comparing revisions 2 and 3). 


Moves to the next revision comparison in the list (e.g., comparing revisions 2 and 3).


Moves to the latest revision comparison in the list (e.g., comparing revisions 4 and 5).


The Observe Questions page also allows you to move to the next or previous item with the following options:




Move to the previous item.


Move to the next item.

Jump To

Directly jump to a selected item.



For returned items, the State text on the History tab may appear using different words (the default text is Returned), depending on the text provided in the Return State Text setting of the Item Bank's configuration.

Prior to the 1809 version, the default text was Reject. If you are working with items within an Item Bank that were created prior to the 1809 release, the text is named Reject unless you changed it to something else.