From here, the administrator can directly login as any of the users created in the application for any organization except "ExamDeveloper Inc".

  1. On accessing the Change User  menu for the first time after installing the application, you are prompted to answer five of the several Project Authorization questions as seen below.
  2. On clicking the Change User menu later, you are prompted to answer the Project Authorization question. This is one of the answers you entered for the five questions when you logged in for the first time. If you do not remember the answers, then you can click the Forgot Answer? link at the bottom and enter your email address so that the answers are emailed to you.
  3. Enter the answer in the Answer text box and click Submit. Clicking Cancel discards any changes and take you back to the View tab under Organizations.

    The entered answer is hidden in the form of asterisks replacing individual characters. Pressing the SHOW button at the end of the text box reveals the entered answer.
  4. On correctly answering and clicking OK, you are prompted to select an organization from the Select Organization drop-down list.
  5. On selecting an organization, you are able to view all the users belonging to it.

This table has the following features:




Click  Login icon beside the user name to login as that user.

The login icon is not displayed for users belonging to the organization named ExamDeveloper Inc, so it is not possible to impersonate such users.


Displays the name of the user (LastName, FirstName).


Displays the username of the user.

Projects with Roles

Displays the Project IDs assigned to the user.


Displays the status of the user (Active/Retired)